When it comes to cutting your hair, you can use your imagination to look stunningly amazing. That’s how some celebrities were encouraged to innovate and try a new style that could inspire girls from all over the world with short hair, who dare to try new things. Be it with an accessory like a bow, a radically new hairstyle, or a sidecut, if you think short hair “looks always the same” you definitely have to take a look at this article.

Enlighten compiled the images of celebrities who, at some point, cut their hair short and totally pulled it off. So much so that they even inspired many others to just go to the hairdresser and get a similar haircut.

1. Wavy short straight

2. Straight with dip dye

3. Redhead creased pixie

4. Californian highlights

5. Pixie au naturel for grey hair

6. Vintage pixie

MiamiFilmFestival Photo by Rene G / Wikimedia7. ’50s pageboy without bangs

8. Long pixie

MGM / Wikimedia9. Layered pixie

NASA/Bill Ingalls / Wikimedia10. Layered for medium-short wavy hair

11. Asymmetrical bob

Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia12. Pixie without bangs

Joella Marano / Wikipedia13. Straight bangs and up-do

Elen Nivrae / Wikimedia14. Short au naturel

15. Straight and edgy in layers

16. Parted in the middle

17. Long straight bob

18. Long bob parted in the middle

19. Short with a bow

<-43">Twilight / Temple Hill Entertainment / Maverick Films / Imprint Entertainment20. Medium-long layered with split bangs