All of us happen to face unexpected troubles from time to time but for some reason, it’s girls that manage to get into extremely funny and ridiculous situations. Well, at least they have a great sense of humor.

Enlighten collected 25 situations where girls had such amazing failures that laughing at them wouldn’t be shameful at all.

“I’m getting married on Saturday and this was my dinner fortune cookie tonight.”


The moment you realize that there is nothing great in being an adult.

jul_iss/twitter”That’s the piece of cake I got today.”

xbumblebee/reddit”My friend had a fight with her boyfriend.”


“My piano teacher looked at my lock screen and said,” Awwww, is that you as a baby??””

DiamondBucklei/twitter”My sister just wanted to make some french fries.”

janky_doodle/reddit”The new “angled bob” according to this lady’s hair dresser.”


“I was in a salon getting my nails manicured when the inspector appeared. Nobody had a license and all the employees ran away while I stayed with an unfinished manicure.”

stephaniechung_/twitterBlind dates turn into anecdotes pretty often.

LaRondayyyy/twitterInternet shopping is a huge source of surprises and comedy.