If you allow designers to call the tune, they’ll end up creating lots of fascinating stuff out of ordinary things. Not that we mind: doesn’t it feel good having something that is both useful and aesthetically pleasing?

Enlighten has gleaned 25 examples of everyday objects that look remarkably original while remaining practical.

A paperweight that holds a book open

KP8ch / RedditA wooden lamp imitating a burning log

Proteon / RedditA custom Rubik’s Cube for the blind created with LEGO

Panda_911 / RedditBookshelf stairs

A concrete table with incorporated planters

conorthearchitect / RedditSalami memo block

This lamp looks like it’s hidden underneath the wallpaper.

unsurprisinglysmart / RedditThis shower’s jets come from all directions.

davy_1 / RedditEnamel rings that create a sloth

Noticemenot / RedditA LEGO burger

mj371 / RedditA stapler that staples and dates

KevlarYarmulke / RedditThis coffee cup holder has mini holders for cream.

This whisk also separates the yolks from the whites.

tinkrman / Imgur

A pop-out window for enjoying the sun in small apartments

<-32">KevlarYarmulke / RedditThis USB key shows how much free space remains.

<-34">Panda_911 / RedditThis tree chair has soft cushions on its “branches.”

<-36">dittidot / RedditIt looks like water is flowing off a dragon’s tail.

Stylish, smooth, and curved cutlery

A tree radiator

<-43">davy_1 / RedditAnother bookshelf staircase