A single-serving of butter whose seal is also a knife, a coffee cup that stops drips from running all the way down to the countertop, and a single-egg carton: These brilliant inventions prove once more that it’s the little things take make all the difference, especially when it comes to design.

Enlighten wants to celebrate the creators who came up with these devices that solve all sorts of tiny problems, making our lives a bit easier.

1. This single-serving butter’s seal is also a knife.

ENG-zwei / reddit2. Creative napkins at a restaurant

Tuhtu / reddit3. This plug that doesn’t bother others plugs.

Joseph_Best_JoJo / reddit

4. “The shower in my hotel has a little cutout so you can turn it on before getting in.”

IBeBobbyBoulders / reddit

5. “My local brand of toilet paper puts a to-go roll in each regular roll.”

grasse / reddit6. This USB charger plugs into a power socket.

Bargane / reddit

7. A mug that stops coffee from running all of the way down to the countertop

aaronbowers / reddit

8. A young man invented “Water You Can Eat” to help dementia patients like his grandma stay hydrated.

Jelly Drops / Facebook

9. This kettle fits in to a tilting mount to help people with arthritis pour their tea.

_monkfish / reddit10. This table perfectly houses it’s chairs.