There are designs that make us want to jump up and down with joy. But sometimes designs are so crazy that we don’t even know what to do about them. Banana cars, sneakers on hills, and other insane things are perfect illustrations of such situations. But even though they look ridiculous, they make us laugh.

Enlighten has collected 25 things that designers created without using their common sense.

A new direction in architecture

imgurAlmost got it!

TomtheFake / redditThe floor at this barbershop

the_neighbors / redditThis ramp and steps lead nowhere.

aliengreyhound / redditAnd only one side has toilet paper…

Awe5am / redditThey almost managed…

iridayciclitis / reddit“Why can’t I build another room if I really want it?”

imgur“Just bought a can of peppercorns…”

SaintBade / redditThis door doesn’t even lock…

okok321 / reddit“Shocked by this bus design.”