What do a sneaker, a KFC bucket, an egg box, and a dinosaur have in common? They all can be made into cakes! These talented artists can turn a cake recipe and frosting into a literal masterpiece that is so realistic, you will not believe it`s edible!

Here at Enlighten we love talented people, and when these people sculpt incredibly realistic cakes, we can’t help but share their creations with the world!

1. A cake that will never make you cry, unlike a real onion!

2. This T-Rex in a sweater is too beautiful to ever be eaten.

3. A really cool surprise for a kid’s birthday!

4. The trickiest illusion of the year

5. The plate too!

6. Would you like some scrambled eggs?

7. Imagine not knowing it’s a cake and smashing this piñata.

Unknown / imgur8. Burger cake for a burger king!

9. Do you serve it with tea or with beer?

lukevincentini / instagram10. Nothing special, just a red velvet cake with lemon frosting…

brutalbee / reddit11. It looks so realistic it might cause trust issues.

12. Deception of the year!

13. All these flowers are made of cream.

14. The winner gets to eat the board!

<-32">Unknown / imgur15. Where do I buy these sneakers?

<-34">Unknown / imgur16. Imagine carving out every piece of macaroni!

17. The best pastry-cook award definitely goes to this person.

18. You don`t have to wait ’til summer to eat some watermelon!