How many times have you wished that an object had a feature that would make it easier to use, or that a place had a service that would get you out of trouble? Luckily for many, some creative people have come up with things that could save you from getting a headache every time you want to use an object.

Enlighten will show you some pretty neat inventions that were shared by Reddit users.

1. “Built-in cable management on the back of my TV”

Defcon_/ Reddit

2. “Books-A-Million puts a slip of paper under the stickers on their books to prevent sticker residue from getting left on the covers.”

cynb*d719 / Reddit

3. “This hotel I’m staying at has the shower shelf accessible from both inside as well as outside.”

achilliesFriend / Reddit

4. “My park installed outdoor workout equipment facing the playground.”

vidat13 / Reddit5. “My plastic wrap just told me to add it to my grocery list!”

itsmer / Reddit6. “This milk bottle shows you how much milk is still inside.”

MoonSoup42 / Reddit

7. “This package tells you what temperature to grill your burgers to and why.”

Goldini73 / Reddit

8. “The books at the bottom are flipped at an angle so you don’t have to bend down to see.”

SirChiefsLot / Reddit

9. “This grocery store displays these nuts and other snacks upside down so you can see the contents more clearly.”

zachcruse / Reddit

10. “This floss shows you how many days you have left before you need to get more.”