Nobody needs tattoo catalogs in tattoo salons anymore because anyone who wants to get a tattoo has a story that has left a mark on their hearts. In this new article, we have collected tattoos that tell a lot about their owners. And at the end of the article, there is a bonus showing that some people don’t really care what is on their bodies.

We at Enlighten are sure that tattoos are a kind of art and here are 24 examples of original and important pictures on the body that have an interesting story behind them.

An amazing 3D effect

mountaindewyou / imgurThis one is truly hypnotizing

justeuntattoo2 hands in one

Alina Fokina / instagram3rd degree burn scar covered by a phoenix

mattrick88 / reddit

“The wife and I got tattoos of a diagram depicting the position of the planets as they were at the exact time we were married.”

ElephantErik / reddit

“My girlfriend’s tattoo of her cat in a shark costume and her actual cat in a shark costume”

Mikalbbb / redditA simple explanation of entropy

Itsjustcavan / reddit“I proposed to my girlfriend with this tattoo, she said yes!”

Koalapex / redditWhen you treat any situation with humor:

VPinecone / reddit

“My mom’s tattoo of her mom’s birth and death date, and heartbeat into a signature. When she passes, I will get the same tattoo (relating to her of course) in her memory.”