Many of us, at least once in our lives, have been stupefied after seeing an incredible sculpture. You peer into the details and don’t understand how it’s possible to create something so beautiful and meaningful. Artists help us to structurize the urban chaos and harmonize the thoughts inside of us. Sculptures make us stop, think, and forget the rush.

We at Enlighten would like to show you 24 sculptures that can affect your thoughts by immersing you into the artist’s world.

1. 6 ft tall sculpture called Rain in Kiev, by Nazar Bilyk

Nazar Bilyk

2. The largest of the monuments of Genghis Khan in Mongolia and the largest equestrian statue in the world

3. This realistic sculpture by Luo Li Rong impresses you with its details.

4. The Knife Angel sculpture is made from 100,000 knives collected during police amnesties and it stands outside of the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral.