People from all over the world spend hefty sums of money in their attempts to look beautiful as quickly as possible. But what most people often forget is that it’s usually the small things that count the most when it comes to looking put together. It’s sometimes enough to brush or blow-dry your hair in a different way to make it look better, healthier, and stronger, for example. And some people have found such solutions for almost every kind of self-care.

We at Enlighten have collected tips and tricks that will help you be beautiful and confident without emptying your pockets, wallets, and bank accounts.

1. Get hair with volume and thicker locks.


Experts recommend adding 3 parts sea salt to 2 parts shampoo. Mix it up well and use the scrub to wash your hair. Adding sea salt to your shampoo will help exfoliate your hair and make it look vibrant and healthy.

2. Blow-dry your hair upside down.


Haven’t perfected your blow-dry technique for that extra voluminous look and bounce? Don’t worry. The perfect way to blow-dry your hair is to do so with your hair upside-down. This not only gives your hair that perfect voluminous look and bounce that you’ve always craved, but it also minimizes the damage done to the upper side of your hair from the heat of the dryer.

3. Get the perfect blowout look.


Nobody wants a bad hair day on any given day, especially when you want to look your very best. But if you are running out of time or forgot to wash your hair, here is a hack to give your hair the perfect blowout look, albeit a fake one: Dust a bit of powder (preferably baby powder) on the roots of your hair and comb through it. Curl the ends of your hair and you’ll have just achieved the perfect blowout look.

4. DIY hair diffuser

If you do not have a diffuser attachment for your hair dryer, use a strainer as a diffuser to get wonderful curly hair.

5. Use a plastic bag for deep conditioning treatment.

Wash your hair and dry it using a clean towel. Apply conditioner generously, twist your hair up and clip it on the top of your head. Cover your hair with a plastic bag and keep it on for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, rinse your hair and remember not to blow dry.

6. Make dried out eyeliner work again.


Despite being easy to apply and providing clean and smudge-proof color, felt-tip liners have a drawback: they tend to dry up pretty quickly. Luckily, there is an easy fix: open up the end of the liner (most either unscrew on their own or can be pulled out with tweezers) and then pull out the little felt rod inside using something other than your fingers, as it could get messy. Then, insert the felt tip the other way, with the side previously inside to now be on the outside.

7. Quick cure for under-eye bags: