Most examples of today’s designs amaze us with their looks. However, oftentimes, they lack functionality and efficiency. When looking at them, one might wonder what their creators were thinking about. Fortunately, the designs compiled in this article are both simple and well-thought out.

Enlighten appreciates simple things and found some items with designs that amaze with their combination of simplicity, creativity, and functionality.

23. Chairs that perfectly fit the table

IceFang99 /reddit22. This sushi bar’s chairs are designed in the shape of sushi.

elmielmosong / reddit21. A backpack designed for carrying animals

wifeyhahn / reddit20. A banana peel wet floor sign

benretan / reddit19. A barcode for vegan protein powder

swifferhash / reddit18. An amazing idea for caring about clients

N-Rico / reddit17. This watch advertisement in Dubai

Moronicon / reddit16. The Fibonacci clock

chocolat_ice_cream / reddit15. Entry door handles to Fort Worth’s herpetarium

LE_TROLLFACEXD / reddit14. The design of a subway entrance in Frankfurt