If you see a floating rock, a gravity-defying elephant or the world’s largest raindrop, believe your eyes: you’re in the presence of incredible artistry! Sculptors from all around the world never cease to find ways to amaze us with creativity and we’re proud to introduce them to you.

At Enlighten, we believe this is the perfect opportunity to help you spend some quality time with inspiration. Enjoy some of the most captivating sculptures in the world and attempt to clean your mind with their perfection.

1. Rain by Nazar Bilyk, Ukraine

Nazar BilykNazar Bilyk2. Down (no.2) by Håkon Anton Fagerås, Norway

Håkon Anton FageråsHåkon Anton Fagerås

3. A permanent installation by Daniel Popper, Modem Festival 2019, Croatia

4. Anima by Daniel Popper, Electric Daisy Festival 2019, Las Vegas

5. The Huntress by Anna, Yorkshire

6.The Kiss by Penny Hardy, Buckinghamshire

Penny Hardy / Facebook7. The Veiled Virgin by Giovanni Strazza, Rome

Wikimedia Commons8. Support by Lorenzo Quinn, Venice

9. Vestige by Rob Mulholland, Aberfoyle

10. Loxodonta by Daniel Firman, Istanbul

11. Ferdinand I by Darius Hulea, Cluj

12. Frederic Storck by Darius Hulea, Cluj

13. Floating Stone by Smaban Abbas, Cairo

<-34">Smaban Abbas / Art People Gallery Facebook Page14. Nest Collection by Jason deCaires Taylor, Gili Islands

Jason deCaires Taylor15. Nexus Collection by Jason deCaires Taylor, Oslo Fjord

Jason deCaires Taylor16. Nexus Collection by Jason deCaires Taylor, Oslo Fjord