Lady Gaga once said to James Corden that the whole point of her past extreme clothing choices was “to be unfashionable.” That’s probably what many designers keep in mind when creating a new fashion line. Sometimes, high fashion creates extremely outrageous trends and suggestions that people follow just to stay in the game. But, do they really like these creations or do they simply just want to troll the fashion industry?

Enlighten collected some of the most outrageous clothing choices that people made.

1. Posing for Vogue

unknown / imgur2. Because men want to cover their breasts too.


3. Just because you wear this on the catwalk, it doesn’t mean you don’t look crazy.

4. A pair of jeans that opens from all sides.

vetements_official / instagramvetements_official / instagram5. Caution: do NOT wear it in extreme weather conditions.

6. For those who really love ramen noodles.

mknlsn / reddit7. Balenciaga has been trolling us for the past couple of years.

8. Wanna be a reindeer? Here’s your chance.

9. For men who sweat a lot.

Style Stick / twitter10. No need to buy bait when you go fishing.

11. Who said that you can’t be fancy at the beach?

12. Balenciaga’s proposition for purse protection from the rain:

13. This saves you the trouble of finding the right shoes:

14. When you have a great body, you have to show it.

<-32">unknown / reddit15. My answer when someone asks if I like pizza:

<-34">amazon16. The perfect person to sit in front of you at the cinema