Designers and artists are creative people and very often they have their own unique views that not everyone understands. That’s probably how these masterpieces, that make us laugh and cry at the same time, came to life. Well, let’s have a look.

Enlighten gathered 23 design “solutions” that will make most of us cringe.

Dishes with ants. Are you still hungry?

Dpretzel / redditHow about the width of this shower entrance?

owa1313 / redditA nice Easter picture to color

jamalabe / redditThe most confusing faucet

Subterfug3 / redditExtreme wheelchairing

Planeguy58 / reddit

“Oh, thank you for adding this much needed gripping point.”

Imadethosehitmanguns / redditA criminal that the Warwickshire police tried to find.

A_Dios_Alma_Perdida / redditThis Sponge Bob will visit me in my nightmares.

unknown author / imgur

An advertising poster that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

SubZeroNexii / reddit

The circle on this volume control isn’t centered on the line.