Do you also like window shopping without intending to buy anything? Do you avoid buying foundations in glass bottles? You’ll understand the girls from this article then. Every single day, women solve problems that men can’t even imagine.

Enlighten has found 22 situations each girl has gotten into at least once.

“And that’s why I don’t like glass bottles…”

rachbot / redditThe “I have nothing to wear” problem

Augray_Sorn / redditDo these situations annoy you too?

ChadAlan01 / twitterSpending a day wearing high heels be like:

unknown / imgurA lipstick that doesn’t come off is a treasure.

Mariaaelenaa_ / twitter

“How my pants fit in the morning vs How my pants fit at the end of the day”

pixabaypixabayitsreginag / twitterAnother high heel problem

themetapicture.comDon’t leave anything around if you have a pet.

Bantafodder / redditOnline shopping can be painful.

QueeeeenSheela / redditImportant reminder