It’s no wonder that so many poems and songs are dedicated to women and that so many reckless acts have been committed in an attempt to get a woman’s attention; women are amazing. They are kind and caring, beautiful and funny, smart and resourceful, and the list can go on endlessly.

Enlighten would like to share some photos of women who show just how multifaceted a woman’s personality can be.

Women are very versatile.

cygnus193 / redditThey can reach the goals they set…

katmeetskale / instagram…and change beyond recognition.

unknown / imgurWomen can be ironic and funny…

UsernameCurrentlyNotAvailable / imgur…and they prefer to prepare for everything in advance.

Potatoavenger / imgur

“My pregnant wife practices swaddling on a confused puppy.”

Multitasking is in women’s blood.

KentuckyforKentucky / imgurThey are capable of stopping the entire world.

djTrip9 / imgurAnd they’re not afraid of difficulties.

tomato_n_egg / reddit

This woman is carrying a cactus with her bare hands.

Women can look spectacular.

BlueGold / imgur

“I was rafting on the Colorado River when this woman suddenly passed me.”

And they can find a way out of any situation.

alias28 / imgur

This old lady uses a puppet to feed the squirrels in the park.

lameusrname / reddit

The life of a single woman.

<-31">GoingMachFive / imgur

“My girlfriend “just needs” to wear this bra tonight and the dryer is broken.”

Women can smile even when they want to cry.

<-34">borrow_a_feeling / imgur

“My mom asked me for something fun to play with before chemo takes her hair.”

Sometimes it may seem that women can travel in time.

shaylybri / imgur

“My mother and I, both age 25.”

unknown author / imgur

“My wife looked like a 60-year-old woman as a child.”

Women never give up.

<-43">OfOnAdventure / imgur

“A paralyzed woman finishes a marathon with the help of a bionic suit.”

Women know how to treat themselves.

<-46">thefilletshow / imgur

“I’m the only male at an office full of women. I’ve never seen a whole dessert.”

They can laugh at themselves.

<-50">i_watch_too_much_tv / imgur

“This woman insisted on taking a picture with me. I’m 4′ 8”.

Women know how to relax.

<-53">thelehmanlip / imgur

“How my wife is spending her labor day.”

They have a kind and generous heart at any age.

<-56">grilledbutter / imgur

“This 99-year-old woman makes a unique dress every day for little girls in Africa who she will never meet.”

Women are all about resourcefulness.

<-60">Sn34kyMofo / imgur

“My mom has this hanging above the dryer in her laundry room.”

The key to their power is love.

<-63">MrKakapo / imgur

“This knight’s daughter came up after all the jousting and “healed” everyone with her wand, and then kissed her daddy.”

What do you admire about women? Please share your stories in the comments!