There are so many clever ways to transform your home into an indoor paradise; from creating hidden passages to secret rooms to turning your backyard into a beach oasis. Anyone would love their home to look like movie scenery or a dream destination. Keep in mind that a house is not a home until you make it one with lots of love and imagination. There’s no space that wouldn’t benefit from a renovation.

At Enlighten, we gathered some of the most interesting and inspirational ways to take your home remodeling to the next level.

1. Everything you imagine can be real, so maybe it’s time for an indoor hammock over the staircase.

2. Be creative and make your home office look like a secret hideaway with a ceiling library.

Travis Price Architects3. Literally, transform your backyard into a beach oasis.


4. An aquarium decorating your staircase is an interesting surrealistic idea.

Ihavenoideawhatishappening/ imgur5. “Regular painted walls? Not for me!”


6. Maybe use the space under the stairs to create a special house for your furry friend.

The Rodimels

7. You can always have a secret passage built leading to a secret room if you please.

8. Liedown or take a shower in an insanely clever S-shaped steam room.

9. Turn your bathroom into an illusion room with a jaw-dropping floor.

fayeredd / imgur10. A fireplace piece of art