There are no impossible tasks in the eyes of a good marketing manager — and there are no limits at all for a bad one! They can change Albert Einstein’s nationality, turn a nose into a strawberry and a pretty woman into a humanoid. Clients may not like the results but we’re really enjoying them and want to share them with you.

Enlighten has collected 22 ad masterpieces created by people who should definitely find another job.

Logic: a single airbed has a picture of 2 people, while a double has a picture of 1 person.

MosheMoshe42 / redditWhen you fail to find a plus-sized model:

dhealey989 / redditAt least she has a beautiful smile.

MrFluxWolf / redditWe doubt you’ll find any clients…

taz-taz / redditThey had to sell all their furniture to buy this TV.

Adm_Farhan / redditFamous Italian scientist, Albert Einstein

euan3704 / redditWhere are her legs?

TheHolyParsnip / reddit” ’Take part in ads,’ they said. “It’s gonna be fun,’ they said.”

SirToastyToes / redditAn under-the-bed storage bag advertisement

jesuisunpilote / redditWe doubt it!