Nowadays, the most outstanding artworks are pretty far from the rooms of museums. Street artists stole the art scene — their names are familiar to everyone and their works are sold for millions of dollars. They don’t imprison the art in cold halls of galleries — they transform the urban environment around them, making boring gray walls bright and lively. This article is all about creative people who dared to decorate places that most of us wouldn’t even think of decorating.

We at Enlighten are totally in love with street art. This time, our attention was caught by painted stairs and we have collected 21 of the best works of stair art for you. Scroll down and enjoy!

1. Seoul, South Korea. 3D sreet art that gives you a feeling of diving in blue waters.

narcannl / imgur

2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Hypnotizing black and white portrait of a man making passers-by shake their heads in disbelief that this is a painting.

NoNaMeGaMe0vEr / imgur

3. Tehran, Iran. Blooming rose garden in a gray concrete jungle.

Unknown / imgur

4. Poznan, Poland. Stair pencils to paint the whole world in bright colors.

lubarda / imgur

5. Philadelphia, USA. Eccentric Salvador Dali immortalized on the stairs of the Museum of Art.

NoNaMeGaMe0vEr / imgur

6. Angers, France. Origami steps leading dreamers to the Fairyland.

NoNaMeGaMe0vEr / imgur

7. Seoul, South Korea. A tribute to traditional Korean performing arts.

NoNaMeGaMe0vEr / imgur

8. Istanbul, Turkey. When you can literally walk along the rainbow:

NoNaMeGaMe0vEr / imgur

9. Barcelona, Spain. Shh, walk carefully! Don’t wake the Giant up!

lubarda / imgur10. Paris, France. When the “City of Love” flirts with you:

11. Stairs of Peace, Syria. Perfect redesign of the yellow brick road toward the Emerald City.

NoNaMeGaMe0vEr / imgur

12. Valpraiso, Chile. When a simple walk becomes a symphony:

NoNaMeGaMe0vEr / imgur

13. 16th Avenue Steps, San Francisco, USA. Outstanding mosaic work by artists Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher.

<-31">PacificCoast / imgur

The most exciting thing about this staircase is that it shines in the darkness, lighting the way for passers-by:

<-34">PacificCoast / imgur

14. Berlin, Germany. Sitting on these steps you can feel the presence of a friend.

<-36">lubarda / imgur

15. Morlaix, France. A portrait of a beautiful woman exuding serenity and tranquility

16. Sicily, Italy. No, it’s not a cross stich pattern.