Some designers have such a good imagination that they turn even the most ordinary things into masterpieces. Have you ever seen a book that turns into a lamp when you open it or a lamp that blooms like a bunch of flowers? Thanks to these and many other items, our world is way more interesting.

Enlighten has collected 21 things created by designers who definitely deserve a promotion.

21. A fork and a spoon that look like gardening tools.

Msim12345 / reddit20. This bed protects your personal boundaries.

privacypop.com19. The way these headphones look music notes in their box:

ATrueAlpha / redditslipperyhypnagogia / reddit18. A popcorn box illustrating famous movies

K3R3G3 / reddit17. Interesting packaging

NullBitten / reddit16. A bus in Copenhagen

unknown_human / reddit

15. The floor tiles are the best indicator that you’re at the US Postal Museum.

Bdadl3y / reddit14. Engagement ring box

uncommongifts / reddit13. This poster that’s against the disposal of nuclear waste:

DoudZ__ / reddit12. “My milkshake was served in a lightbulb.”

BTWGaming / reddit11. Renault Fluence tail light with Renault logos

bossman411 / reddit10. Books that turn into lamps

ceamaimare / reddit9. This stall resembles an open box of doughnuts.

jamesdeal89 / reddit8. This hypnotizing eyeglass case:

<-32">Argentorate / reddit7. Stairs that might confuse you

<-35">singleladad / reddit6. These cans won’t stay unnoticed.

GhostTurdz / reddit5. When the wind hits the ceiling of this beach bar:

4. For Van Gogh fans

<-42">c4p4t4z / reddit3. Lamps that bloom just like flowers.

<-44">PM_ME_STEAM_K3YS / reddit2. “Best beer coaster ever found in Austria.”

<-46">WaterStarer / reddit1. This motorcycle storage shed

<-48">Tucko29 / reddit

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