It seems that 10 years isn’t a long period of time to make comparisons or draw conclusions. We probably wouldn’t even be able to tell whether a photo was taken in 2009 or in 2019. Even so, these changes have affected something bigger than our style of clothes or makeup.

At Enlighten, we decided to take part in the #10YearsChallenge too, and we want to compare the beauty trends from 2009 and 2019.

Push-up bra vs bralette

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American and European retailers have been stressed because the sales of push-up bras have steadily been declining. They have been replaced by bralettes, something between a top and underwear. Their main difference from push-up bras is that they lack cups and padding. It’s absolutely okay to let others see your bralette, for example, when it peeks up from your blouse. The decline in the demand for push-up bras can be easily explained. Modern women prefer to feel comfortable rather than follow female beauty standards.

Matte vs glossy

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According to pin requests on Pinterest, a wet skin effect will become one of the biggest makeup trends in 2019. In 2009, on the other hand, matte skin was trendy.

Tan skin vs natural skin

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In 2009, many celebrities were really fond of fake tans like Victoria Beckham in this story. Tanning salons could be found everywhere, and women had bronze skin tones even in winter. Since then, the number of tanning salons has significantly reduced and there’s a certain reason for it. Modern women are well aware of the fact that tanning is bad for the skin. Many celebrities have given up on tanning and have opted to look more natural.

Asymmetric haircuts vs baby bangs

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Asymmetric haircuts like the pixy cut or bob were really trendy in 2009. Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Miley Cyrus, Katie Holmes, and Paris Hilton experimented with different hair lengths approximately 10 years ago. The main hair trends of 2019 will be the baby bang, a very short and blunt cut, as well as a curtain bang.

Eternal youth vs smart aging


Botox and fillers were at the peak of their popularity at the end of the 2000s when these cosmetic procedures became more affordable to everyday women. We all can remember the smooth foreheads, frozen facial gestures, and strained smiles of celebrities who were too fond of these beauty injections. Currently, smart aging is trendy. This is a concept where women remain beautiful without hiding their age.

Dying vs natural graying

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Very few women in 2009 dared not to dye their gray hair which was associated with old age and fading beauty. However, graying depends on your genetics, and your gray hair may not be connected with your aging. The trend of keeping your hair naturally gray appeared in 2016. Currently, more and more women prefer a gray ombre over dying their hair.

Coffin-shaped nails vs almond-shaped nails