By renovating your yard you’re extending your living and entertainment space, as well as improving your health because you’ll spend more time outside. Whether it’s about building a pond, a tree house, a fire pit, or a pizza oven, this type of remodeling will increase your quality of life. To add to this, your house will go up in value as well.

We’re fans of successful and amazing renovations here at Enlighten, so we decided to bring you 20 yard renovations that will get you inspired to do the same to yours.

1. “I built a 4,000 gallon Koi Pond in a tiny yard”

jcardona1 / reddit2. “I built my kids a treehouse!”

BCJ_Eng_Consulting/ / reddit3. “Finally had time to revamp my backyard, too!”

DancesWithTurtles13 / reddit4. My recent project: a revamped backyard

gobackclark / reddit5. My backyard received a makeover.

aygoman / reddit

6. “Our new home had a neglected garden. Cut to +3 months later after a lot of hard work.”

Silica1 / reddit

7. “Rebuilt my pond this spring. Took lots of research and hard work, but I am really happy with how it looks.”

olithraz / reddit

8. I turned an empty-looking backyard into the coziest area ever.

noneo / reddit9. From cluttered and unkempt, to cozy

mikethamurse / reddit10. “My dad and I built a patio at my house.”

ssjneko1 / reddit11. This unused, dirty space now looks much more relaxing.

Tredge / reddit12. “Our ambitious DIY brick patio and fire pit”

E70Mike / reddit13. Remodeled a ranch to make it bigger and more stunning.

<-32">jstag1984 / reddit

14. “A small concrete patio was replaced with a larger paver layout, plus a pergola, and a fire pit set.”

<-35">donut_care / reddit

15. “Here’s our back yard transformation pic. The photos were taken exactly a year apart.”

robj57 / reddit

16. “Sure I could have bought an in-ground swimming pool, but instead I spent 3+ years building this natural swimming pond.”

power-cube / reddit17. “DIY chicken coop I built for my spoiled yardbirds”

<-42">BoosterCogburn / reddit

18. “I converted my hilly backyard into an ~800 sq ft patio by myself.”