Charming faces are everywhere and although 92% of girls say that women shouldn’t feel pressured to change the way they look, it’s hard to not try to look the way society wants us to. For example, research has shown that a third of girls won’t post a selfie without a filter.

We at Enlighten applaud the bravery and beauty of these women who are sharing honest pictures to fight the ridiculous beauty standards we’re all facing.

1. “I’ve said this before. There was never anything wrong with my gray hair. ”

gratefulandgray / instagram

2. “Isn’t it absurd that it is socially acceptable for humans to have lots of hair on their head, but not on other parts of their same body?”

benhopper / instagrambenhopper / instagram

3. We’re so glad some have a humorous take on glamorous celebrity photos.

4. “All bodies are bikini bodies.”

nickslacey / reddit

5. “So this is me normalizing facial hair for anyone who’s grown up believing it’s something to be ashamed of.”

joannajkenny / instagram

6. “I’ve always hated my hair. And my mom grew up hating her freckles… so she always taught me that covering them is what you have to do. But now I’m kinda growing to like them.”

justicekacalek / reddit

7. This girl ditched Western beauty standards and wore her natural hair down for the first time ever. And she’s gorgeous!

Catnip3978 / reddit

8. “I’ve struggled with body image my whole life. But I’m realizing I kind of look like those statues of Ancient Greek women, and I’m okay with being the Ancient Greek ideal woman.”

colleensclovers / reddit

9. This couple might look not like others, but they’re absolutely beautiful!

letouxftw / reddit

10. “This is a picture that very clearly shows some of the more unflattering parts of my body, but I am so happy to finally be able to post it without shame!”