Women usually have high expectations when they decide to visit a hairstylist because a new hairstyle can change your image dramatically inside and out.

At Enlighten, we are sure that a makeover can work like therapy. Here are 20 women that dared to experiment with their hair, and they never felt sorry about it.

1. “I chopped off my hair.”

FridaKahlowRider / reddit

2. “From gray to red.” — “You look so much younger and livelier with that red.”

v*****_lan / reddit3. “I’d say this is a pretty big change!”

haleyleww / reddit

4. “I’ve always had long hair, I’m so happy I finally changed it!”

plumeria_zee / reddit

5. “Do you all think my natural hair or stone-cold platinum is more flattering?”

PlatinumPrincess90 / reddit

6. “I went from box black to an acceptable blonde in 3 days without my hair falling out! I’m pretty proud of myself!”

Mandasuelulu / reddit

7. “I’ve pretty much had my hair like the picture on the left my whole life, so it’s a huge change for me but I love it!”

eb1608 / reddit8. “I finally had the guts to do it!”

lfln / reddit

9. “I have pretty bad depression, and I go days without brushing my hair sometimes, but today I got it done into something fun. I’m just so happy with how it turned out!”

queens0n / reddit10. “First time I cut my hair this short, but I think I like it!”