Talented designers see the world differently than we do. If they are tasked with designing a bench or a set of stairs to a second floor, their work will definitely turn out to be a masterpiece, and the following collection of photos is proof.

Enlighten is going to show you 20+ things that have been designed by people with a wildly creative mind.

1. This paper plane-shaped bench on the observation deck of an airstrip

p3dantic / reddit

2. This restaurant uses shadows to show the men’s and women’s restrooms.

Rook_Mozga / reddit

3. While the designers of the restroom signs in this cafe simply decided to turn the cup upside down.

emilydickinsonsdress / reddit4. The car of a barber

fiendish64 / reddit

5. This electric company has an electrical outlet on the outside of their building.

bre1899 / reddit6. Bushes can be turned into creative masterpieces too.

yamax87 / reddit7. Bruce Lee clock


8. This paper came with my refrigerator to let me know that there are some sounds that are “OK” during normal running.

Pnuttn / reddit9. Key holders that come alive when you hang your keys

victambxd / reddit10. When stacked these cans become a full body king.