A little imagination and hard work can help you transform something simple or forgotten into something beautiful. Let’s take pallets for an example; they are normally wooden structures used to help lift and move goods. However, you can put a used pallet to other uses, like to help around the house — especially if you repurpose the wood. Better yet, reusing these materials can help you save the planet.

We at Enlighten applaud creativity, the desire to help the earth, and a can-do DIY spirit, so we’re sharing some of the most unique ways people have transformed used pallets.

1. A pallet can be made into a nifty beehive; it already comes with plenty of spaces.

hairy_quadruped / Reddit2. A simple pallet can help add structure to your driveway.

Switchmisty9 / Reddit

3. Here are simple gardening tables made to withstand the outdoors.

Alagosdor / Reddit

4. The wood can be put to use as a miniature hardwood floor, like in this van.

GrandpaCoyote / Reddit

5. Here’s a tree swing big enough for you to enjoy with a buddy.

IAmGregAnderson / Reddit

6. The wood can also be used to make a classic sliding barn door.

ThingsIveCreated / Reddit

7. With a few alterations, you can have yourself an artisanal, multipurpose shelf unit.

dhl1911 / Reddit8. Here’s a mini skate ramp that can fit in your own backyard.

mattricksmagic / Imgur

9. With enough material, you can even make a bedroom wall complete with a nifty tag.

Minivanv / Imgur10. A garden shed can be your home away from home.