A creative mind and a 3D printer combined know no limitations. The buzz around 3D printers started just a few years ago, and inventive people have already taken the process to a mind-blowing level. Creators use 3D printers in many spheres of life, whether it’s for musical instruments, clothing, new body parts, food, and even real organs! We’ve also prepared a bonus for you at the end of the article containing an incredible 3D-printed base concept that is set to be built on Mars.

Enlighten loves new technology and inventive ideas, which is why we’ve made a list of unbelievable 3D-printed creations. Get comfortable and let’s have a look!

1. A 3D-printed heart using cells and biological materials from a patient

guoyu/Xinhua News/East Newsguoyu/Xinhua News/East News2. A dress of the future?

EAST NEWS3. It’s hard to believe this intricate violin was printed.

3Dvarius / Facebook3Dvarius / Facebook

And this futuristic-looking violin was used for performances in Japan, Russia, and China.

4. Would you ever want to try riding this bike?

BigRep / MEGA/Mega Agency/East News5. Famous paintings that let blind people see them

EAST NEWSEAST NEWS6. Shoes with a crazy design


3D-printed eco-friendly Adidas shoes using fishnets found in the ocean

EAST NEWSEAST NEWSEAST NEWS7. Cool-looking bionic arms

Open Bionics ‏/ twitterOpen Bionics ‏/ twitter8. A nano sculpture in the eye of a needle

9. A stylish, wireless Bluetooth speaker can be customized the way you want it.

10. 3D-printed cars that cost less

An adorable mini-car for big cities

11. A house that can be printed in just 24 hours

And this ready-to-live-in villa that’s completely 3D printed!

<-34">Wen wu – Imaginechina/East NewsWen wu – Imaginechina/East News12. Food that turns the whole cooking process upside down

natural.machines / instagramanet3dprinter / instagramThis is oddly satisfying to watch as it’s being “printed”.

13. Who needs selfies when you can 3D-print your own face?