When it comes to food, tasting good is just one part of the game… nobody said food shouldn’t look good, too. Sometimes, it’s the beauty of nature and other times it’s the work of a master chef, but there are plenty of times where food almost looked too good to eat.

We at Enlighten love looking at food almost as much as we love eating it, so we’re sharing photos of food that are clearly works of art.

1. No wonder carrots help your eyesight…they are made of rainbows.

Unknown / Reddit

2. It seems that these bubbles like to practice synchronized swimming in their spare time.

AngelusArkadius / Reddit

3. We’re not sure how long ice cream stays this round before it melts, but it’s totally worth it.

Elyuri / Reddit

4. Behold, the 7 continents of the world: in chicken nugget form.

I_Am-Awesome / Reddit

5. Never forget that somebody took the time to make sure this bun had a single sesame seed in the middle.

Blitex__ / Reddit6. Ever get so hungry you could eat an entire bookcase?

AlbertSpinestein / Reddit7. “My chicken laid a perfectly round egg a few months ago.”

blueesulfur / Reddit

8. “My ice cream looks just like the promotional pictures of ice cream.”

son_made_my_account / Reddit

9. When your grandmother was an art major, dessert’s almost too good to eat…

ThUltimateGuy / Reddit

10. “My pasta synchronized perfectly in the pan while it was cooking.”