Dyeing hair in bright colors became a trend in recent seasons. Some people are still not sure about these transformations, but others really love them. The people who wanted to have the Little Mermaid’s hair in their childhood can now do it.

We at Enlighten are convinced that there is no limit to self-expression and the women from our article prove it with their photos. And at the end of the article, there is a bonus that shows how inventive men can be when it comes to their appearances.

Vivid hair dye days are the best hair days!

ni_hao_wo_jiao_meili / Reddit

“I used to be a brunette. The transformation took about 2 weeks.”

sscheiby95 / Reddit“I love this dreamy color and cut I got.”

tha_stormin_mormon / Reddit

“Amazed with the results! Totally bleached out my hair from my natural color.”

Burritothedog / Reddit“Goodbye red, hello green.”

jordanlego / RedditRaspberry vibes

tattoobabyy / Reddit“I used the dye I had at home.”

Mattekat / Reddit“I always wanted to have pink hair.”

2020tiddies / Reddit

“One of my friends needed a model for a hairdresser job trial. I volunteered and this is what she created. I couldn’t be happier. She’s got so much talent I cannot wait to see her grow even more as a hairdresser.”

ChemicalPrincess / Reddit

“My wife and I decided to go a bit crazy. Here’s her hair. Violet dream!”