Nature and man are the best artists, and when they work together, the result is always a masterpiece. Though these photos are unedited, each of them is a successful combination of the right moment, the author’s perspective, and a striking, carefully picked angle.

Enlighten presents you with a collection of photos that show the full, amazing diversity of wildlife on our planet. Each of them is truly a work of art.

Transparent Wings

This species of Nymphalidae butterflies is widespread in the Amazon rainforests. The tissue between veins on the butterfly’s wings is transparent due to the lack of pigmented scales.

An Ideal Spy

Chocolate Banks. Looks Yummy…

The Namib Desert.

Someone Must Have Summoned the Thunder God

A terrible storm in Utah, USA.

Careful, Snakes! False Alarm, It’s A Butterfly.

The Atlas moth is also called ‘snake’s head moth,’ as its wings look like two snake heads.

A Winter Road

The Invincible Power of Elements

Mount Etna during a volcanic eruption.

A Devoted Hunter Knows No Limits

A trail of an owl diving into a snowdrift to catch its prey.

So Clear

Carps in a pond.

A True-Born Diver

An unusual photo of a Galapagos petrel taken in Todos Santos, Mexico.

A Serial Number

Salt Shelves

Lake Bogoria in Kenya, the flamingos’ favorite.

A Cloud Bird and Its Prey

A Clandestine Pond

This ice water pool in the Himalayas was discovered with the help of a drone.

Colored Banks

Marble Canyon, Ruskeala, Russian Karelia.

A Flying Island

Lake Bled, Slovenia.

Alien Invasion

Light pillars in Rostov Oblast, Russia.

Silver and Gold, A Wonderful Combination

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA.

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

A picture of a street lantern taken through a windshield in rainy weather.

A Perfectionist’s Dream