A good photo has nothing to do with the camera, lighting, or visual effects. It is an ability to catch a moment, to see beauty from a unique perspective in day to day life. Despite the fact that we see hundreds of images every day, there are still some photos that can catch our attention and often these are not photos from professional photographers.

Enlighten collected photos that were created without photoshop.

1. By the way, Halloween is coming soon.

Jordan311R / reddit2. Somehow it looks like a cozy place.

Reddit_daddy / reddit3. Fireflies and a long-exposure photo

ChazDoge / imgur4. Slovenian fog as a gradient background

tubituu / imgur5. Patterns of nature

dragonworthy / reddit6. Bird’s eye view of Amsterdam

nameuser4321 / reddit

7. A cat’s tongue under a microscope looks like it’s made of a bunch of tiny tongues.

caspar2632 / reddit8. The smoke kind of looks like ribs.

9. Flying ship

FaustoYoshihara / reddit10. Spaceships

ethan_kahn / reddit11. Rhino brother from another mother

DarmokatTanagra / imgur12. Take your time to understand what it is.

13. “Dutch police looking to share amazing wedding photos with unknown married couple.”

DePolitieheli / twitter14. This forest looks like a wintery modern art museum.

<-32">Ibasan / imgur15. How many hours did it take him to build this shot?

16. “All in camera, multiple exposure of the Blood Moon I did a while back.”

ShrugLove / imgur17. Ontake Shrine covered in ashes after a volcaniс eruption

Ibasan / imgur18. Salt pond from the San Francisco area