A pizza box design that transforms into a table, an umbrella stand with locks, reversible benches, and a foot button for calling the elevator — these things prove that outstanding designs don’t always have to be something big and monumental. These small things are real game-changers as they’ll divide life into moments of before and after.

Here at Enlighten, we know that the little things matter, and if you’ve ever struggled with something in your daily life and thought to yourself, “There’s got to be a better way to do this,” this article is for you.

1. A pizza box that turns into a tray for eating in bed

BostonPizzaCanada / Youtube

2. “My hotel in China has a card to give to your taxi driver so you can find your way back.”

why_im_single / reddit

3. These chairs at a ski resort restaurant have room for your gloves, helmet, hat, etc.

kazarnowicz / reddit

4. This was designed so you don’t get wet while turning on the shower.

IBeBobbyBoulders / reddit

5. This pizza box in Japan that has a handle in the middle to keep the pizza flat

SaekoZ2 / reddit6. This hotel’s mirror tells the weather.

mynamesafad / reddit

7. “My roommate’s spatula has a stand so the bit that touches your food doesn’t touch the counter.”

Alentheflannel / reddit

8. This umbrella rack has locks and keys to keep your umbrellas safe from thieves.

convivialcor / reddit9. This hotel clock has displays on 3 sides.

ecklesweb / reddit

10. “The sewing kit at my hotel came with the needles pre-threaded.”