A balcony is the most wonderful space in any apartment. It’s where you can always enjoy the fresh air and breeze without setting foot on the street. Decorating your balcony can be a real challenge, but once you’ve found the right design for it, you can turn it into the most amazing and beloved part of your home. What’s great is that there are so many different possibilities for redesigning your balcony. Little details like some homespun rugs, pictures of your children, a bit of greenery, or some wooden furniture, can help make your balcony the brightest and coziest place for rest and work. And if you choose to furnish it with a table, cushions or a champagne bucket, then it’s already set for some cheerful parties!

Enlighten presents with 20 awesome ideas for redesigning your balcony that you can try out on your own. Let your imagination run wild!

Preview Photo Credit: int2architecture