Johnny Depp once said, “My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.” It’s hard to disagree with him. Some people get tattoos as a form of self-expression, for decoration, or to hide imperfections, and others get tattoos as memories of their relatives. So, most tattoos are reflections of people’s lives, past events that have taken place, or an emotional state.

We at Enlighten have seen a lot of unusual tattoos but we still keep finding ones that surprise us, make us laugh, or move us. And we couldn’t help but share them with our readers.

1. “The client asked to cover her scars with Band-Aids.”

grete_horde / Twitter

2. “A tattoo of the book my dad was reading when he passed away”

Alltheprettyhorses21 / RedditUnknown author / Imgur3. A birthmark that turned into unknown lands

4. “A paper plane in memory of my grandfather”

Yoda_Only_One / Reddit5. An unusual way to use a scar

eiffulf / Reddit

6. “Got a tattoo of a penguin I saw at the Dallas World Aquarium. Went back a few years later to show him.”

-dw / Reddit7. Using your imagination, you can make use of a scar.

8. “In memory of the best boy ever”

farmingcats / Reddit

9. “Just got a new tattoo over a scar I got from surgery after breaking my leg in a hockey tournament 3 years ago.”

justincredible68 / Reddit10. “A cat memorial tattoo with flowers she loved to eat”