The phrases “maternity clothes” or “pregnancy clothes” can make many of us think of something shapeless and baggy. But believe it or not, modern maternity outfits can be as elegant and fashionable as you want them to be, and royal moms can be a good example to follow. Fitted sheath dresses, jackets, coats, polka-dot prints, and bright colors — royal moms-to-be are not afraid of any clothing items in their maternity wardrobes, and their pregnancy ensembles look very inspiring.

We at Enlighten selected 20 outfits the royals have worn while expecting their babies, and we think they could serve as good examples of elegant pregnancy style. Would you agree with our choices?

Princess Diana

A ruffled blue polka-dot dress with a string of pearls and black flats

Kypros/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

A long pink dress and a fluffy sweater