Women are called the gorgeous half of the world and they actually deserve this title. Exquisite and extraordinary beauties make men drop their jaws and write heart-burning letters asking for their hearts back. However, that doesn’t make a woman’s life easier. This article will tell you what difficulties these vulnerable creatures have to encounter from time to time.

Enlighten believes that the life of the characters in the following 24 photos isn’t full of failures and it’s only occasionally that their fate surprises them.

The eternal dilemma: ’Which color do I choose?’

valbalxo / TwitterHair bands are not just for hair:

bethseager_ / TwitterTrying to recreate that perfect manicure:

An1onn / imgur“So no one told you life was gonna be this way…”

TheDreamGhoul / twitter

When a fashion wish hits the variety jackpot in your wardrobe:

tanek1994 / twitter

That moment when your husband got drunk and you have to take his bike home:

poker_deewana3 / reddit

When you’re chasing fashion but fashion is always ahead of you:

detexis / pikabu“How my mom shops online”

mbe8819 / reddit“She either got divorced or got married to Groot.”

RuinMyWeek / twitterWhen you want your smartphone to be a little smarter: