Most women’s lives are full of unspoken rules and weird situations. It’s not easy to fight stereotypes, while remaining a true lady. However, this article proves that girls have what it takes to be unique. Quick wit and a sense of humor can help you deal with anything — from greasy hair to an obnoxious date!

We at Enlighten are certain that behind every story in this compilation, there’s a woman who can laugh at problems and who never looks back, no matter what. That’s why these posts have collected so many likes on the internet!

“I met this guy at the Eiffel Tower and asked him to pose for a romantic photo with me, so everyone would think I was having a passionate affair in Paris.”

KristianaKuqi / TwitterWe all want different things.

AnastasiaFrost / Twitter

“I received this message from the guy who came to fix our bathroom a week ago. I was surprised, but then I figured that he didn’t recognize me. So, I decided to play along!”

lyalyafei / PikabuFighting stereotypes in the workplace!

personjes / TwitterSometimes, you just can’t keep the truth to yourself!

eskil69 / Pikabu

“My mom wasn’t happy when I got myself a dog. Here’s mom, a little while later!’

godinezbrianaa / TwitterFeeling like Wolverine without his claws!

Wizard_Severus / Twitter

“I was so happy that my wife got interested in video games, until I saw her handling the joystick…”

brittons0 / Reddit

When your body gives you better info than any online app ever could!

malyutab / Twitter“My sister chose the wrong color shirt to wear on photo day.”