During winter, when everything is covered with snow, we all occasionaly stop and wonder at that special, very quiet and peaceful atmosphere we all love so much. Probably the best pastime for these days is taking long walks in the woods, then going home to sip hot tea and watch the snow outside.

We at Enlighten adore winter for its natural, exquisite minimalism and laconic, muted colors. Join us in admiring the photos below and feel that wonderful peaceful tranquility too.

Standing in the waves.

Starry winter sky.

A little robin.

A minimalist landscape in Italy.

White on white.

A snowy bridge in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Frost in the Cernei Mountains, Romania.

A snowy day in the San Juan Mountains, U.S.A.

A winter flood in Oxford, U.K.

Watercolor winter skies.

Winter abstraction.

A harsh season.

Сoniferous trees in winter.

Black cat, white snow.

Blue Earth, Germany.

A highway in northern Iceland.

Early snow.

Nothing but the wind.

Camping in the mountains, Sweden.

Green island.