The world of fashion is both amazing and unpredictable. Sometimes modern fashion trends expand our perception of ‘normal things’ so much that we start to question ourselves. “How can someone wear such crazy things and pay over a hundred bucks for them?”

Enlighten collected 20+ examples of modern ‘high’ fashion for you that will definitely make you laugh so hard you cry.

Can it be that eyebrow cosmetic manufacturers simply decided to make more profit?

cosmopolitan / Twitter

A grocery ‘sack’ with a bucket became a trend at New York Fashion Week. Price: $375.

staud.clothingWedding ‘Crocs’ with Swarovski rhinestones

etsy.comPants that are shoes that are pants…

— Where did you find such a huge binder clip?

— Actually, that’s my bag!

peterbristol.netThe many faces of fashion

Picabulka / PikabuPlastic slides with a mineral water label, Price: $580

‘Hungry’ socks

xeetsa / RedditA modern kimono

TokyoFashion / TwitterSneakers and socks: 2 in 1

Fashion is fashion, but legs have to be warm.

MrSweater / Pikabu

Now footwear with the heels folded in is not only a comfortable feature for time spent out in the country, but it’s a trend too.

Can we even call these jeans?

fashionnova.comBraided brows…

Invisible jeans: you are both dressed and undressed at the same time.


“Sure, whenever I buy a $490 swimsuit, I don’t buy it to actually swim in. Where’s my wallet?”

gucci.comWhy not wear jewelry right on your nails?

When carpets on walls are not a trend anymore, you can use them for other purposes:

<-42">Mahoney7 / PikabuYou don’t even need to remove the packaging.

<-44">OffWht / TwitterA shirt attached to another shirt

Spring collection — 2018: highlighter heels

Crocs are now available in platform style. Price $850.


What other shocking trends have you seen lately? Please share your photos in the comments!