In 2019, the online furniture sales were as high as $200 billion. Everyone who has done renovations in their houses and apartments knows how much money even the most basic things can cost. The people from today’s compilation gave their old furniture a new life: they cleaned and polished and painted and decorated. And even the oldest tables and cabinets started to look fresh and new after a little bit of work.

Enlighten was inspired by Reddit and Twitter users who proved that even the most ordinary cabinet can become the heart of the home when a talented person does the right thing. And our bonus will make you happy if you think that a kitchen renovation is always expensive.

“I rescued this side table that my neighbor left on the curb. A can of spray paint and new hardware and it feels like a brand new piece!”

flashbulbsburst / reddit“Upcycled my old sloping roof cupboards last weekend.”

Mememasteryoda / redditA new life for an old cabinet!

Honestly_Red / reddit

“$10 at the thrift shop for this Broyhill student desk and chair for my kid. A little paint and new knobs, both of which I had on hand, and wow!”

robinbiro / reddit

“Bought the table and chairs on the left for £40. Amazing what some sanding and paint can do!”

Chamerlee / reddit“$20 dresser. All it needed was some paint and new knobs.”

milavamak / reddit

“I upcycled an old particle board table into a chest of drawers — so happy with how it turned out!”

CopperTop345 / reddit

“Kids’ kitchen I made out of an entertainment unit I found on the street”

ShoelessJodi / reddit

“Someone put an old telephone chair in the trash… So I had fun with it!”

deedeesdumb / reddit

“No one in the family wanted this cabinet, so it was going to be donated. I couldn’t let that happen (it was my grandparents’ wedding present) but it didn’t fit in with my house very well. Some $2 contact paper on the doors changed that.”