All women have their own little weaknesses and secrets. We bet that almost every girl has frantically tried to squeeze out the last drop of their favorite cream from a tube or gotten upset because of a pair of damaged shoes.

At Enlighten, we giggled at some of these photos for a long time, because some of our editorial staff has also managed to finish a bunch of beauty products in a year and ruin the washing machine in the most ridiculous way. The bonus to the article will prove that men have their own problems too.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

aisha_94 / reddit

“Lesson learned: Quinoa packages have a real time limit in the microwave.”

Fireatwijj77 / reddit

“My boyfriend tore open my moisturizer once I couldn’t pump anything else out of it and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it really was all gone.”

mermaidcafe / reddit

“My little brother let his puppy into my room and my favorite flats got mangled to death as a result. They’re from a thrift shop, so I’ll never find the same pair again.”

temptation99 / reddit.

“The nail salon I go to doesn’t like that I get my nails done short, but I love them.”

trisarrratops / reddit

“I don’t know how to style my hair or what haircut would work. It’s a ball of poof.”

theraininspain11 / reddit.“I don’t want to mess up the design.”

munizlea / reddit

“I was so hungry when I was eating my fries that I bit my nail off. How did I even do that?”

leilaandi / reddit“One year progress on my eyebrow shade!”

lellua / reddit

“I gave my Animal Crossing character hyperpigmentation to match my own.”