Psychologists say that dyeing your hair can become very addicting. The reason for that is a deep-rooted desire in women to break their usual routine. While we mostly have to stick to our daily habits, our hair is the perfect area to exercise our personal freedom. In addition, colorful hair is an effective way to establish yourself as a risk-taker or a creative soul.

We at Enlighten have serious heart eyes for women who aren’t afraid to show the world who they really are. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration here too!

1. “Feeling like a mermaid.”

lulugolde / Reddit2. One user commented: “You remind of a sunflower!”

Palindromer101 / Reddit

3. “This is definitely the wildest color I’ve ever done, but I kind of love it.”

papaknuckler / Reddit4. “My first time going lavender, I’m in love!”

classy***M / Reddit5. “First time dyeing my hair!”

dani-snailss / Reddit6. “My tropical lagoon hair, just in time for my vacation.”

ashlaboo / Reddit7. “My first try at milkmaid braids with a rainbow twist.”

lilaregenbogen / reddit8. “I dyed my hair from gingery-brown to pink.”

Schweppss / Reddit9. “Trying to channel ‘Euphoria’ vibes.”

chimmyloo / Reddit10. Now her hair matches the different colors of her eyes.