We spend a lot of time in houses and put a lot of effort into making them feel like home. But some people took their renovations to a whole new level, creating amazing projects that no one expected. We found some rooms and furniture that are so amazing, we couldn’t miss the chance to share them with you.

We at Enlighten were inspired by these 21 transformations that were done by ordinary people.

1. An old picnic table was renovated with fire to warm you up on chilly evenings.

brock_lee / reddit2. “Finally have my very own balcony oasis.”

Marzana1900 / reddit

3. “My aching feet say I should’ve paid someone. My wallet disagrees.”

dredditarian / reddit

4. “After a 3-month-long upstairs renovation, this place looks unrecognizable.”

unknown / imgur

5. A stepfather built a bulldozer bed for his heavy equipment-obsessed stepson.

joryan33 / reddit

6. This stunning apartment is now waiting for its lucky new owner!

Jamie Barrow / facebookjamiebarrow_gb / instagram

7. “After such an improvement, we never want to leave this place.”

jonsredit / reddit8. This mattress got a second life as a bed swing.

Goodlyearth / Imgur9. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

mrobert92 / reddit10. Not only does this look better, but it’s also much safer.