Once you see a plant grow it is hard to stop. There are so many different shapes and sizes that any space in the house can be made more harmonious with the help of a potted plant. Some may think that they need a place outside to have a small green landscape, but the reality is that there are those who have a knack for making a cactus bloom and those whose plastic flowers will wilt.

Enlighten knows it’s hard to control the urge to buy one more green friend, so we are bringing you a compilation of photos to show you that you’re not the only one with this green hobby.

1. “My mom’s Monstera”

nadine-me / Reddit

2. “The company I work for went out of business and during the liquidation we were able to take home store fixtures so I turned this one into a mini herb garden.”

AverageLo7 / Reddit

3. There is so much life in this room that even the stuffed pig looks happy.

ty-leelee / Reddit

4. “Day 1 vs Day 425. Can’t imagine going back.”

Joyce-Matilda / Reddit

5. “From Lowe’s clearance rack to thriving office plant.”

Mtneertrader / Reddit

6. “This escalated quickly…”

stealthanie / Reddit

7. “Just showing off the plant shelf I built for $150!”

littletinything / Reddit

8. “You gotta do what you gotta do when you only have a sliver of a south-facing window. 🥲”

qtipssss / Reddit

9. “On this week’s episode of Hoarders…”

rescueninjaRN / Reddit

10. “What a difference 4 years makes✨🌿🤍📷🐶”