Cacti, ficuses, crocuses — these are probably the only names that come to mind for people who aren’t particularly keen on house plants. But people who’re seriously into floriculture know that there are also dracaenas, calatheas, ceropegia, and oxalis. But we should be careful when starting to breed these plants. Otherwise, there’s a serious risk of getting too involved in this exciting process and turning your apartment into an impassable jungle.

Yes, many members of the Enlighten team have their own green “pets.” But of course, we can’t compete with the people from our compilation.

“I bought this “tiny baby” today. My son cried, and my husband shouted, “Are you kidding me?!”

kaylajames90 / reddit

“My mom passed away 17 years ago. This flower blooms every year around this time. I like to think she’s telling me, “Don’t be sad.”

peace-lily / reddit

“I finally removed this liana from the railing. It grew to be around 26 ft in over 7 years.”

Shmeein / reddit

This calathea was found on the street and put in the shower. The time difference between these photos is 10 hours.

Hodwog / reddit“The ’feet’ of my fern are so creepy!”

heydoughnuts / reddit

“Scallions on the windowsill. See how they’ve grown in just one day.”

soothingleaf / reddit“I just bought a couple of plants.”

Simpsoth1775 / reddit“The first lemon I grew indoors. I’m so happy!”

AyeAyeCaptainPeppers / reddit“Plants are the new pets! I finally got 2 ’pets’ of my dreams.”

jmdu / reddit

“I flipped an old filing shelf on its side. Now, I have a cool plant shelf.”