The word “renovation” may send shivers down your spine. It’s enough to imagine all this dust, dirt, and a long-running process that includes a bunch of expenses, to want to cancel all your plans and live in peace. If you’ve been planning to, but haven’t dared to clean your balcony or redecorate your bedroom, have a look at these photos from the people who have survived renovations and now, their house is full of beauty and order.

We at Enlighten got inspired by these users’ examples, and we can’t want to transform something. And now, it’s your turn.

“We continue to repair our rented apartment. Now, it’s our kitchen’s turn.”

pirozhEnshchina / Twitter“I redid the bathroom last week.”

James46530 / Reddit

“Guys, we’ve transformed the horrible open balcony of our rented apartment into a nice chill place. And yes, the climate in Moscow is more than perfect for this.”

mayavolf / Twitter

“Do you remember I was telling you that I’m going to renovate my bathroom? Here is the result.”

pirozhEnshchina / Twitter

“The backyard update: After the work was done, I felt like I’d been hit by a truck.”

PushupBrah / Imgur

“We got a mortgage, bought a one-bedroom apartment in horrible condition, and we were renovating it on our own after work without any experience. We made a lot of mistakes, but it was our first time.”

3xMcMetz / PikabuA cottage, before and after

iamnotsam / Reddit

“The living room renovation, before and after. All the work was done with our own hands.”

miatapasta / Imgur“Dining room renovations are complete!”

Murder_Grey / RedditOur new kitchen