A famous rule says that if you want changes in your life, start by redecorating your house. But there are some people that like going a step further than merely rearranging furniture — they demolish the walls and start over, making their homes even more beautiful than before. And some people’s homes boast a garden as well, which also requires plenty of attention. And it’s these kinds of people who have never heard of the word, “lazy.”

We at Enlighten are delighted with those who have enough strength to finish what they’ve started so that they can enjoy the end result.

“I’ve never had a garden in my life. It took me 3 months to pull this miracle together. I finally have my own balcony oasis.”

Marzana1900 / Reddit“I did so many things in my free time.”

TurkeyKiller16 / Imgur

“I’ve been stuck in my apartment for months, staring at the same ugly bedroom, and I finally decided to change it.”

Sirgit / Imgur

“We bought a new home with a neglected garden. We worked hard for 3 months to transform it.”

Silica1 / Reddit“I’m so proud of myself! I did it all with my own hands.”

_miss_freckles_ / Reddit“I tidied up the house and the surrounding area.”

AustynCunningham / Reddit“My dad and I built a patio at my house.”

Unknown / RedditA girl transformed her tiny yard into a real paradise.

calujan101 / RedditSomeone had tons of free time to do miracles!

Unknown / Imgur

After the renovation, this garden really started to look like a garden.