Christmas and New Year is a time of real magic, bright costumes, outstanding gifts and bewitching decorations. It’s the time when we can free our fantasy and express ourselves the way we want with the help of hairdos, decorating Christmas trees, and some little kind deeds that we didn’t find time for during the year.

Enlighten collected 20 photos of people that reminded us how these Christmas holidays should look and brought us into a New Year mood. Finally!

These guys reminded us what the true Christmas spirit is all about.

pdmcmahon /

“Flying home for the holidays dressed to surprise the family. Before the flight, I met this stranger at the airport. Instant best friends.”

ImplicationOfDanger /

“I spent an hour this morning turning my hair into a Christmas tree for a costume contest at work.”

dibbiluncan /”Gingerbread Imperial Star Destroyer”

alfosn /

“My girlfriend wrapped her Christmas presents in fast food bags. I am delighted!”

14PulsarsV1 /

“Bought my brother tree trimmers for Christmas, built a cardboard frame around them, and wrapped them like this.”

Hamster_PassionThere is something festive and winterish for any pet.

dickfromaccounting /

“I just got done working all night. Right before I clocked off, this lovely family came in for breakfast.”

Unknown author /

This newspaper has two pages of wrapping paper. That’s what real care about clients means.

PlanetGG /

“Death Star Fire Pit my Grandpa made us for Christmas.”

Bandia5309 /

“We spent all our Christmas tree money on adopting this guy instead.”

LuckyJalyt /

“My 61-year-old father-in-law, who hasn’t gotten a toy for Christmas in 50 years, happily puts together a Lego logging tractor.”

SarcasticGiraffes /

The creator of this ”miracle” challenged all standard and boring snowmen.

Delawer /

It’s not necessary to have a country house for putting beautiful and bright decorations. Sometimes a balcony is more than enough.

<-33">ARGOchain / pikabu.ruAn elevator works, too.

<-35">Timkavib /

“My brother-in-law, who has 2 girls, taking in the aftermath of Christmas morning, wearing a Yeti onesie that they picked out for him.”

Stateology /”Finally finished the Christmas decorations!”

savage_irony /

When you ask your friend to receive you at the airport on Christmas Eve.

<-42">smacktip / reddit.comIt seems my Christmas tree is too tall.