Designers see the world as an unfinished piece of art. They always seem to find a way to turn their awesome ideas into unique designs. Knee-activated faucets, safe parking for skateboards, and playgrounds for wheelchairs are just some of the clever inventions created to improve our everyday lives.

We at Enlighten were thrilled with these 20 designs that revolutionize our daily lives, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

1. These baskets are perfect for those who want to shop alone.

20jlamorticella / Imgur2. Knee-activated faucets at a supermarket in Italy

4t0m77 / Reddit3. This manhole cover in Seattle is a map of the city.

JGBorn / Reddit4. Safe parking for skateboards

unknown / Reddit

5. This keypad randomizes the numbers every time so no one can figure out a password based on hand movements.

celebi1023 / Reddit6. The handicapped ramp is built into the staircase.

DavidMaspanka / Reddit7. This bar has an integrated aquarium.

unknown / Reddit

8. This airplane sleeping mask has different sides depending on if you want the flight attendant to wake you up for meals or not.

alngrd / Reddit9. This playground had a swing for wheelchairs.

blerghHerder / Reddit10. This fence also serves as a bench.