George Orwell’s finger bones had blue circles tattooed on them, Winston Churchill had an anchor on his shoulder, and the characters of our article also wanted to have some significant tattoos that they could proudly show to their descendants, but at some point, everything went wrong.

We at Enlighten admired these tattoo fails and the sense of humor of their owners because they didn’t hide this “beauty,” but instead shared it with the whole world.

Now we know what things were like during the Jurassic Period.

redper**rsion / reddit“The tattoo artist managed to make Marilyn look like a man.”

The Seven Year Itch / Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporationmojo111067 / redditIt just needs a little shading apparently.

Locustdawn / reddit

When your master forgot to inform you that he only draws in 2D:

handlebars34 / reddit“Totally normal looking fox”

QuesoDino / reddit”What a sweet angel!’

conkysrevengesd / redditIncredible Angelina Jolie portrait!

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider / Paramount PicturesMissmachineee / reddit

“According to the artist, this is exactly what the customer wanted.”

LBlackStarJM / reddit

“One of my friends got a tattoo from a guy she knew. She immediately regretted her decision.”

kaley46387 / reddit“The longer I look, the scarier it becomes.”